IT It's not a single issue.

It's not just the security of the server where you store the company data; it's not just the laptop you use on the train every night; or your mobile phone; it's not just the systems that improve your productivity or the website where you sell your products; it's not just cables and it's not just boxes. It's all of those things, and more. For your business to function, all the pieces have to interlock perfectly, so when it works, you won't even notice it's there.

Intelligent Networking

From installing software to strategic planning...

What we do

  • Connecting
    • Smartphone, iPhone, iPad Connectivity
    • Mobile Communications
    • Telecommunications - Landline Installs and Call Tariffs
    • Internet Connections - DSL, Fibre
    • VPN - Home Access or Site-to-Site Connectivity
    • Networking - Design, Implementation and Support
    • Cabling and Patching, Switch Installation, External Connectivity
    • Server Build, Configuration and Administration
  • Advising
    • Informed Advice
    • One2One Training
    • Consultancy
    • Virtual IT Department
    • System Analysis and Recommendations
    • Health Checks
  • Securing
    • Security Management
    • Risk Management and Disaster Recovery
    • Backup Solutions - Local and Online
    • SPAM Filtering
    • Internet Browsing Security
    • Firewall
    • Antivirus
  • Supporting
    • Trade Discounted Hardware and Software Packages
    • Online Helpdesk
    • Expertise in both PC and Mac Hardware
    • Support both proactively and reactively, remotely or on-site
  • Hosting
    • Internet Hosting and Domain Management
    • Hosted Servers - Physical or Virtual
    • Cloud Email, File Sharing and Backups
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Website Development

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